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Obsessing over everything you eat is the worst thing you can do for your health and happiness! If you’re tired of food controlling your thoughts and you want to ditch diet culture and obsessive thoughts about food, then you are ready to begin the journey to true food freedom. Your first step is to trust your body and your cravings. Unfortunately, so many girls make the costly mistake of tracking, measuring, and calculating every bite in hopes of becoming skinnier and healthier. Eventually, such a strict relationship with food leaves you feeling totally anxious and out of control.  My mission is to help you finally escape the obsessive thoughts about food that are draining your mental and physical energy. I created the 5 Steps to Eat With Love & Intuition to Stop Obsessively Thinking About Food so that you can finally eat with complete freedom, confidence, and enjoyment!

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  • How to stop worrying about everything that you eat.
  • Why counting calories & tracking your food is actually holding you back from food freedom
  • How to feel totally in control and confident in your body.
  • The exact method for releasing the 24/7 obsessive thoughts about food so you can enjoy true food freedom.
  • How to tap into your body’s intuition and build body trust, even if this feels out of your control right now.

...and SO much more!

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Sloane Elizabeth is an online holistic wellness coach, yoga teacher, speaker, podcaster, and ice cream lover! She helps young women eat and LIVE with love & intuition so that they can stop restricting themselves and feel properly nourished, satisfied, and confident in their bodies. She uses a unique mix of nutritional science and spiritual manifestation techniques to help her clients find lasting food freedom! Unlike other coaches, she will never tell you what to eat or how to live - instead, she empowers you to follow your unique body’s signals and cravings so that you can live life as your best self.

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