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8 Weeks to Stop Restricting & Dieting and Actually Eat Intuitively

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Eating with love and intuition is the most effective and sustainable way to stop restricting foods and feeling guilty so you can feel FREE and CONFIDENT around food for good!  

QUICK Q - How would you rather feel??

Fearful, restrictive, and consumed with fear about gaining weight?


Confident, proud, and FREE once and for all?!


  • Create rules about what you are allowed to eat so you can avoid "unhealthy" snacks, desserts, and foods?
  • Experience guilt, regret, and shame after eating "bad and unhealthy" foods?
  • Feel scared that eating white carbs and sugar will make you gain weight?
  • Worry about counting, tracking, THINKING ABOUT, and writing down all of your calories and macros?
  • Jump to try all the new fad diets (keto, food combining, clean eating, paleo, refined sugar free, etc) and then find yourself stuck at square 1?
  • Eat when you're emotional, stressed, or bored?
  • Binge and eat past the point of fullness?
  • Feel stuck in a cycle of restricting, bingeing/messing up, and then getting back on track?
  • Want to BREAK FREE of the cycle and find true food freedom??
YES & I'm Ready for my Breakthrough!

I Get It Girl! And You're Not Alone!

I used to be the girl that said YES to all of those questions.

I stopped eating bread and used rice cakes to make "sandwiches" because I thought bread would make me fat.

I vowed to only eat desserts 2x per week (failed every time) to avoid "toxic" cane sugar.

I obsessively thought about the meal that I'd just had and the next ones coming up.

I would track my calories in my head and continuously redo the math.

I felt awful about myself every time I had an "unhealthy" food that wasn't "clean" enough for me.

And then...I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!

I decided to commit to my healing so that I could feel TRULY healthy, happy, and free to enjoy all of the precious moments of my life as my best self.

And now, I teach women all over the world how to do the same!

Food Freedom Is Your Birthright, And It IS Possible For You Too!

Show Me How!

Eating With Love & Intuition Is The Only Approach That Truly Allows You To Heal Your Relationship With Food & Your Body WITHOUT Diets, Rules, Or Restritions.

What would your life look like if in 6 weeks you could...

  • Eat without guilt, fear, anxiety, or regret - in fact, you'll eat with joy, love, and appreciation!
  • Stop thinking about food 24/7
  • Eat your favorite foods every day of the week...not just on the weekends!
  • Release the need to control, track, and count your food
  • Eat when you're hungry, not just when you're bored or anxious
  • Feel satisfied and full after every meal
  • Never go on a diet ever again
  • Listen and tune into your hunger cues - and HONOR them
  • Feel completely confident, powerful, and free in your beautiful body
I Need That!

Girly...The Time Is NOW!

Introducing - Free & Full!

Learn to stop restricting & dieting (for good) and actually eat intuitively. 

Free & Full is the only 8 week group coaching program designed to help you eliminate fear & guilt around food so you can feel free and confident (and diet-free) for good!

In this comprehensive and deeply healing program, you'll receive:

  • 8 weekly group calls
  • My proven system and trainings on how to eat with love & intuition
  • Lifetime access to all of the coaching recordings 
  • Weekly healing meditations
  • Weekly "deep dive" journal prompts
  • A tight knit community of likeminded women to support and heal with you
  • Private Facebook community
  • The most beautiful transformation and healing of your wildest dreams!
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Here's What Each Week Entails...


Where Are You Now?

In order to figure out where you want to go, you need to figure out where you're at now. No more hiding and suppressing - we're letting the demons out, calling them by their names, and getting ready for the deep inner healing.


Rewriting Your Stories

Ideas become thoughts, which then become beliefs, which then become truths, which then become identity. Fearful stories and "truths" are not your soul truths though. We will examine the stories that are currently shaping your reality now so you can find your real truth - the love led truth!


Releasing Control & Fears  

In this lesson, we're conquering all of our fears, anxieties, and areas of our life that we try to control...not related to food! Releasing control of food is hard (duh, that's why you're here!), so we'll practice in other areas of your life first.


Tackling Food Fears & Diet Culture  

Let's eat! This goes way beyond slapping on some positive affirmations and willing diet culture to go away. We'll be address the root of your fears and subconscious attachment to dieting and restricting. We'll also be developing a sustainable lifestyle for you to live by so you never feel the need to diet again.


Tapping Into Your Intuition

You are an intuitive matter your level of spirituality or religion. By allowing your intuition to guide you and help you read what your body needs/wants/ likes/craves, you'll gain a new side kick (your higher self) in this healing journey.



The words that you use to describe your life have a direct effect on how you experience your reality. We'll examine the common words we use to describe food, health, and bodies and make small yet powerful shifts in your language. These shifts will result in my confidence and peace with your relationship with food!


Eating With Love  

Eating with love and intuition means eating nourishing food your body loves, delicious treats that your soul revels, and delicious meals that your mind is dreaming of. It's completely holistic, and this is where we'll dive into the multi-faceted act of eating.


Self Love & Body Acceptance  

At the end of the day, you want to feel healthy, confident, happy, beautiful, sexy, and powerful in your body. Right? That's why we'll end our time together with self love 101.

Why You Can No Longer Live In The Restrict/Binge Cycle:

  • Your concern about gaining weight is doing more harm than good! The stress is worse for your health than the cookie is (and could lead to stress in other areas of your life), and this method will help you settle at your body's ideal set weight.
  • You're stuck in old habits, and with my technique to change your life via small and sustainable changes, you will be able to eat with love and intuition forever. No fads here!
  • Your body can't handle any more fad diets. It's messing up your hormones, you're exhausted (emotionally, physically, and mentally), and you deserve a sustainable NOW!
  • You've been doing it alone for too long - you need the support and guidance of a coach and group who can help you heal in a deep, profound, and beautiful way.
  • All of the free info on Instagram, YouTube, and in magazines has led you down this path of comparison and guilt. It's time to take a stand in invest in yourself FOR yourself. You deserve it!
  • The way that you're living right now is clearly now working. You need to change your relationship with food and your body, and Free & Full is here just for that. No more missing out on experiences because your fears are holding you back!  
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Client Love Letters

Let me share a secret with you...

Pretty much everybody wants to be the happiest and healthiest version of themself.

And pretty much every body is bombarded with negative diet culture talk every day...from media, friends, family, the internet, teachers, strangers etc.

Now, I want you to know that the fact that you're struggling right now is NOT your fault! Read that again...not. your. fault.

But, it is your responsibility at this point to take the appropriate small and sustainable changes to heal and step into your best self.

Food freedom is possible for you - and investing in Free & Full is that first small and sustainable step that you need to take!

OH and this isn't just "intuitive eating"...

The intuitive eating movement is still very...medical.

You won't actually hear an RD or therapist talking about what INTUITION actually is on a soul level. I'm talking about your higher self, universal guidance, goddess energy, and white light magic.

This is what elevates Free & Full to a new level - we tap into your intuition in a deeply healing way so that your entire LIFE (alongside your relationship with food) evolved in a new and transformational way.


The mistake that most people make is that they think the "do it yourself" method is cheaper. What they don't take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be.

You've been taking free info from Instagram models, you've been downloading free meal plan guides, you've been trying to do it on your own...and it's time to invest because you DESERVE it!

When you pay in full, you'll also receive these bonuses...

  • Meal Prepping Masterclass - learn to prep ingredients (not full meals...cuz eating the same thing every day is boring) so that you can stick to your intentions of eating with love & intuition ($300 VALUE)
  • Universal Guidance Masterclass - awaken your spirituality and learn to ask for & receive guidance from the Universe in your healing journey #manifestation ($200 VALUE)
  • Accepting Weight Gain Masterclass - learn how to accept your body weight at every point in your life, with every ebb and flow ($300 VALUE)

ALL group coaching members will receive access to three value-packed bonus trainings:

  • 2 one-on-one 45 minute sessions with Sloane to use during the program ($300 VALUE)
  • 20 Self Love Affirmations - pin this list to your wall or upload it as your phone background so that you are always reminded of your inner power and beauty ($50 VALUE)
  • Transformational Breathwork with Leslie Medley: Remove Old Blocks and Live a Full Life - In this 90 minute holistic healing breathwork session, you will cleanse the mind, body and soul from the inside out. Using ancient Himalayan yogic breathing practices, Leslie will guide you through a process of purifying, detoxing and releasing the old stagnant energy of doubt, fear, and trauma. This is a healing breathwork session to begin breaking up stagnant stuck energy that has been weighing you down and keeping you in the chronic cycles of never enough. You will leave with the power to identify where your consuming has been ran by these old patterns and how you can consistently consume intentional and whole-heartedly. Living your life Free & FULL ($200 VALUE)
  • Understanding and Changing A Negative Mindset with Dr. Melanie McNally - This workshop will be a bit brainy as we’ll dive into how our emotional and rational systems can hold us back. But don’t worry, we’ll cover how to retrain these systems so you can change your mindset, decrease stress and anxiety, and live up to your true potential! ($200 VALUE)

Total Value: $1,847!

Your Investment: 3 Payments of $366!

PLUS I have a 6 week satisfaction GUARANTEE! See results, or get your money back!

Will you be one of 8 women who decides to change their life today?


Listen...I know you're scared. I was too.

I worried that letting go of control would lead to me spiraling OUT of control.

I thought I would never be able to eat without thinking about my weight or health.

I thought I did't need help.

And (thankfully) I proved myself wrong.

It's honesty time...

I truly believe that you need Free & Full if you:

  • Want to be able to love yourself no matter what you eat
  • Feel like your health rules are too black and white and want a sustainable balance
  • Always feel guilty if you eat too much
  • Feel conflicted between wanting to eat "healthy" but also wanting to go out to dinner with friends + enjoy your life!
  • Have rules and restrictions around what you can and can't eat
  • Want to trust your body again without fear of gaining weight
  • Experience guilt shaming after eating a meal
  • Feel like you either eat too much or too little
  • Think that dieting is the only way to avoid gaining weight 
  • Wish you had better self control and will power around "unhealthy" treats  

Investing in guidance & support is not a sign of weakness. It is an act of self love...something your body has been asking you for for a long time.

SO! Are You Ready to Eat With Love & Intuition?

Let me help you release your food fears, finally stop dieting, and feel freaking amazing with your new found food freedom. The healing starts now...are you coming?

I'm In! Add Me to the Waitlist!